Is Halo Infinite the BEST GAME Of 2021

Is Halo Infinite the BEST GAME Of 2021

hello everyone and welcome back to somemore esports talk with the release ofhalo’s campaign today of course wereleased a video earlier about halo inall the history that the campaign haswell many people got to play thecampaign early and are actually sayingthis could potentially be the best gameof 2021. looking at all the differentreview scores we see mini 5 out of 5some tins 9.25 9 9 4 out of 5 metacriticgiving it an 87 and open credit givingit an 86. a lot of people took totwitter to give it praise saying thatthey are overjoyed to see how infinitehas ended up the campaign is brilliantand the multiplayer at its core isimpeccable 343 had a monumental task infront of them and they crushed it in thefuture looks even brighter haloinfinite’s campaign is legendary one ofif not the most fun halo campaigns i’veever played congrats to xbox in 343 onthe

incredible reviews for halo infinitecan’t wait to play the campaign once iget through this week many are thinkingthat it’s one of the most polishedcampaigns in the halo universe sayingthat it has incredible cinematographythat it’s supported by a musicalexperience and a story that is going togive you goosebumps however at the sametime there are some criticisms comingout about the campaign saying that thegame’s linear sections struggle and endup becoming really repetitive anddespite

how fun it is of course we’veseen the issues that it’s not going tolet you replay those same story missionsbecause it’s in an open world settingthat has a lot of people pretty upsetthat it’s not releasing with the abilityto replay missions because if you’relike me you grew up on halo halo 1 halo2 where all you could do is replay themissions at a harder and harderdifficulty it was so fun on halo 2 goingthrough certain levels and justreplaying them on legendary mode andtrying your best to beat it with yourfriends on co-op but those things aren’tgoing to exist at launch we’ve seen aninterview with verge that campaign co-opis planned to launch with season 2 andthat forge is planned to launch withseason 3. according to him they remaingoals and targets they can’t commit toany hard dates right now because asthey’re seeing this with multiplayerbeta other things might move up in thepriority stack for them we’ve also seenpaul crocker who addressed the issue ofnot being able to replay missions who

said that they haven’t announced a dateyet but that is being worked on we wantto have replay that works well and whenyou have a more open game it gets a lottrickier so we made a decision toimprove the quality of the single playercampaign to ensure that as a foundationit’s as strong as it possibly could beso that we could then add other featuresback in however despite those grievancesthat a lot of people have and the factthat some features won’t be added lateron again it seems as if most people whohave played it at this point have reallyenjoyed the campaign personally iprobably won’t get to play it for a fewdays i won’t get to play it todayunfortunately but if you do get to letme know what you guys think about it iam a little nervous about not being ableto replay missions like i said becauseit is so nostalgic to be able to do thatin halo but we will have to see i’m sureit will be great until next time guyslet me know what you think and i’llcatch you later

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