Will Google’s smartwatch set the pulse racing?

 Will Google’s smartwatch set the pulse racing?

they now keep a tab on our intimate bodyfunctions like heartbeat sleep patternsteps taken and calories burnedjust like the phones watches have alsoevolved with technologyranging from 2000 rupees to 1 lakhrupees or even more the smart watchsegment is full of varieties beingoffered by a range of companieslike apple samsung oneplus noiseboard etcnow according to several reportsinternet search giant google is also setto make its debut so far google had onlybeen developing software for smartwatches but now it is moving slowly butsteadily in the direction of making itsown devicein january this year it acquired thehealth and fitness device maker fitbitfor a whopping 2.1 billion dollarslater in may it announced collaborationwith samsung to bring the best of weiros and tizen os in a single unifiedplatformand google’s efforts towards itsvariable business resulted insignificant growth

in its market shareaccording to a recent counterpointresearch report where oil shipmentsstood at 17.3 percent in q3this was a significant jump from just3.1 in the first half of this yearaccording to idc so what is googlereally trying to achieve with itsreported entry into the smartwatch spacewe spoke to prabhuram head of industryintelligence group at cyber mediaresearch to understandso google has traditionally enjoyed astrongdominant edge when it comes to itssoftware you know on the other hand it’sa hardware strategy is fairly nascentit’s still a work in progress you knowit has faltered in the past and that’ssomething which it’s trying tocurrently navigate as suchwhen you look at the smartwatchsegment itselfwhat google has been able to dois with the fitbit acquisition it’s beenable to address that part of the puzzlewhen it comes to the hardwarealongside what google has been able togain is his strong expertise in healthtechfrom fitbit which when complemented withits own in-house

capabilities are reallycomes out as a strongusp for its smart watches you knowandwhat google would be trying to achievewith this potential smartwatch in 2022is basically to demonstrate what issuccessfulmarriage between strong software andstrong hardwarewould mean uh for the consumers for thepartners and for the market at largeaccording to reports google was about tolaunch a pixel smart watch in 2016 butthe idea was shelved after the company’shardware boss eric ulster law objectedto its design which he said didn’t looklike one from the pixel familyin its current form google’s wear os mayhave fragmentation issues similar toandroidsamsung fossil and garmin are three bignames in the tech industry that usegoogle wear os platform in theirrespective smart watcheshowever none of them delivers a cohesiveexperiencesome of the core functions of thesamsung galaxy watch 4 running thelatest version of wear os are restrictedto samsung smartphones fossil’s latestgeneration smartwatch runs a datedversion of vrosthe same is the case with garminso will google be able to address

the fragmentation issue probablyyou know maybe over the long term itmight uh help in addressing this issueas of today i don’t see that as thesituation but we can be fairlyoptimistic thathopefully ifall theseyou know experimentsdo come to the rotationwe might seeyou know for the sake of the consumersalsowhere was really emerged on topaccording to media reports the googlesmart watch is internally codenamedrohanand it’s referred to as the pixel watchor android watch by the select googleexecutives with access to the prototypethe smartwatch has a heart rate monitorand offers basic health trackingfeatures such as step countingas for design it would have a round casewith no physical bezel around thedisplay with facebook planning to comeout with its own smartwatch google’swearable device will have to face atough competitionits design and ability to strike a chordwith customers will play a crucial rolein its successas of now however there is no officialword from google

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