Google’s Locked Photos Folder Rolls Out to More Android Phones

Google's Locked Photos Folder Rolls Out to More Android Phones

over the summer google introduced theability for pixel users to effectivelylock away photos in a vault to keep themhidden from prying eyesthe featured is called what else lockedfolder and anything stored there isprotected by the device’s lock screenpasscodelocked photos won’t show up in

thephotos grid memories or other apps withaccess to the camera rolladvertisementgoogle just started pushing out thefeature to more non-pixel devicesincluding samsung and oneplussmartphonesyou might even see a prompt pop up inthe notification shadei ran into an alert earlier this week onmy oneplus 9 which seems to indicateit’s actively rolling out right nowyou can check to see if you have thelocked folder by heading into googlephotos tapping on library and selectingutilitiesyou might have to scroll through a fewprompts but you should see a card forsetting up the locked folder on your

devicenote that locked folder items are notbacked up to the cloud so anything youplace in there will live and die withthe physical deviceif you delete google photos in theinterim it will wipe away those fileson a pixel smartphone you have theoption to save a captured photo directlyto the locked folder instead of thecamera rollbut you might not have access to thisability on non-google devicesthe option to snap a photo directly intothe locked folder is notably missingfrom

the oneplus 9 because it uses theoneplus developed camera appif you have access to it now take aminute to set up your locked folderit’s great for storing photos of yourdriver’s license social security cardvaccination card and anything elsethat’s too sensitive to floating aroundwith the rest of your photo albumsthe locked folder should also beavailable on ios devices sometime soon

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