Samsung First Look NEW 110, 101 and 89 Inch Micro LED TVs Best of CES 2022 Award Winner


Samsung First Look NEW 110, 101 and 89 Inch Micro LED TVs Best of CES 2022 Award Winner home theater dude with abs forms i’m out here at ces 2022 this is the private event the samsung first look um i’m gonna go ahead and let you guys know about a couple things but another thing is that this is shot on a brand new camera all this footage is an 8k enjoy ces and ak guys catch in a minute so we’re here in front of the micro led display so micro led is the next great innovation the evolution in the display so the thing about micro led is that is essentially size free it is aspect ratio free it is resolution free and it is bezel-free and there’s been a huge evolution in the way that we build these displays the way we manufacture the evolution has gone from placing one individual chip on the board to now being able to place multiple chips on the board which has increased our efficiency in manufacturing by fifteen hundred percent so the big deal with this is because i have such small chips i have 24 million micrometer chips within this glass jar over in our display and that produces such as a small size of led our micro led is so compact we no longer have the use for a color filter because i don’t the huge benefit that we get from micro led is going to be it’s realism right it’s really more than reality we see things a certain way right by our contrast color detail and microwave d is able to maintain peak brightness off the light source while not compromising black so i get maximum brightness i get perfect black i also use inorganic materials these materials are rated for over a hundred thousand plus hour lifespan with zero thread of burning we also have a micro ai processor which is going to be able to adjust the rgb pixel the lighting to the one millionth step so with those three combined i’m able to get the best contrast color and hdr detail which really sells realism these screens if you look at each one of them appear as if you can reach out and grab that plate right and selling that realism is really the next evolution in this technology so the sizes that we’re looking at right now in front of me is 89 inch it is a 110 inch and is a 101 inch screen size we also have an 85 inch television which is uh going to be a neo q led so these are for display purposes for comparison all right guys that’s it from ces 2022 let me know what you guys think about the first look over here at the samsung experience.

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