Fortnite Chapter 3 is NOW AVAILABLE!

Fortnite Chapter 3 is NOW AVAILABLE!

welcome back everybody to the officialchannel of home and games and if you tryto log on to fortnite anytime within thelast few hours you’ll be met with thisscreen right here this was the aftermathof the end of chapter 2 live event wherethe cube queen literally destroyed thefortnite map we even finally had thefoundation returned but not only did hereturn he also revealed himself to bedwayne the rock johnson thankfully thisscreen right here won’t be here thatmuch longer because we finally have anofficial release date for chapter threewhich is actually way sooner than weinitially thought and in chapter threewe’re obviously gonna have a brand newmap because at the very end of the endevent the entire fortnight map flippedover revealing the new map on the otherside epic games is slowly revealing thebrand new chapter 3 map over on twitterand you can see some images right now ofwhat it looks like there’s still a bunchmore of these images that are going tocome out to complete the full map somake sure you go follow me over ontwitter at homegamesyt and i’ll tweetout every single one of these photos asthe release if you saw the chapter 3trailer that leaked when i posted it alittle bit

ago then you’re alreadypretty familiar with the new map looksvery very awesome including a nicelittle sand biome a winter biome andeven a rocky biome where the 7’slocation is i know chapter 3 isn’t evenout yet but i’ve already made up my mindabout my favorite point of interest andthat is the daily bugle where spider-manwill be located yes ladies and gentlemeni said spider-man who will indeed bepresent in the next season’s battle passas was confirmed in the trailer there’salso a very very high chance that wecould see the zappotron return inchapter three because when yourcharacter is floating here in the watersometimes items will begin to float byyou one of those items is actually theo.g zapatron now this absolutely has tobe a little teaser by epic games thatthe zapatron will be present in chapter3. but now let’s talk about the releasedate because honestly man i don’t wantto sit here and stare at the screen forall that long

i want to play the newchapter oh you remember how i mentionedthat the chapter 3 trailer leaked and itliterally leaked before the live eventeven happened obviously epic games wasnot happy about that whatsoever becauseoriginally we were supposed to havethree full days of sitting here lookingat our character in the water while wewonder about what could be in the nextseason since the trailer has alreadyleaked and a lot of us have already seenit there’s no real point for us to sithere for three days when we know what’sgonna be at the end of it ultimatelythat would be pretty disappointing andepic games just decided to do away withthe three days of looking at this thanksto xbox and playstation who actuallyleaked the official start date for thenext chapter came out that fortnitechapter 3 will be starting tomorrowmorning sunday december 5th at 10 a.meastern

time this is a huge changebecause the chapter is literally comingout two days before epic games hadoriginally planned so a couple hoursafter you wake up tomorrow morning logon to fortnite and chapter 3 we’ll bewaiting for you sure you go follow me ontwitter for all the latest leaks as weget closer and closer to chapter 3 andsubscribe to this channel for all thebest most information-packed videos whenchapter 3 eventually releases youeverybody so much for watching thisvideo i’ll see you guys on the flip sidepeace

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