Major Amazon Web Services outage affects many

Major Amazon Web Services outage affects many

amazon’s web server suffering acrippling outage today delivery truckshalted for a time and taking parts ofthe internet with it the problem notonly affecting amazon but reportedlymany other major services includingnetflix disney plus and some of thesmart devices right in your own homehere’s our chief national correspondentmatt guppin nowtonight that massive amazon serveroutage temporarily crippling some of theworld’s most popular online servicespotentially impacting millions of peopleat home hit with slowdowns trying to usesmart devices like alexa buy airline

tickets and stream movies and tv showseven amazon package deliveriestemporarily halted due to concentrationwith the administration of some of theseserviceswhen there is an outage that takes placeit can have wide-ranging impact thoseoutages apparently affecting streamingservices like netflix roku and disneyplus owned by the parent company of abcbut also airlines like southwest anddelta even mcdonald’s and the video gamecompany behind fortnite amazon saying

that many of its services have alreadyrecovered now the company and analystswith whom we’ve spoken indicate thatthis is likely not the result of a cyberattack but more likely the kind of errorthat can happen periodically in acomputing system this big and thiscomplex david shows just howinterconnected everything is these daysmatt gupp and matt thank youhi everyone george stephanopoulos here

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