Cyberpunk 2077 is coming to new consoles early next year

Cyberpunk 2077 is coming to new consoles early next year

it’s been a little while since cyberpunk2077 was in the news but it seems that the game is finally getting on the right path with another major update due to launch alongside the version of the game for playstation 5 and xbox series x ands early next year the latest consoles were supposed to originally getcyberpunk 2077 sometime this year but developer cd projekt red finally

admitted it needed more time to getthose versions right along with thecurrent gen console version of the witcher 3 wild hunt so pushed both backinto 2022 not too long ago the road map was actually updated in late october which suggested this patch adding updates improvements and free dlc was

now coming in 2022 speaking in a summaryreport for cd projekt’s third fiscal quarter ceo adam kaczynski explained we are hard at work on the next gen version of cyberpunk 2077 scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2022 alongside another major update for all platforms perhaps as expected the chief financial officer reported a reduction in netprofits this year which is mainly due to expenses relating to updating cyberpunk2077 as well as research into new projects that are all at early stages of development despite this reduction tonet profits the overall financial outlook is still positive for the company during the report the recently acquired studio the molasses flood was mentioned and apparently the team isworking on a new title that’s based on aproperty that the company already owns which suggests it’s either going to be a new witcher or cyberpunk game or perhaps a new entry into the gwent series cdpr has previously released different style of games for the witcher series so that

wouldn’t be a huge shock one way or another it looks like cyberpunk is coming back in a big way in early 2022band for more on that game and every other game and for what’s new and what’s next head to

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