Apple AirTags being used by car thieves

Apple AirTags

Apple AirTags being used by car thieves What you need to know to protect yourself a new crime trend making the rounds and it involves people being able to track your every move fox 5’s jacqueline matter has more hey guys a really concerning story here a lot of videos making the rounds on social media of finding apple air tags nearby experts say people are using these devices to track you and your valuables especially cars for anyone that isn’t familiar air tags are small tracking devices like the one here meant to help people find easily misplaced items like car keys or purses by using apple’s find my app they only cost 100 bucks for about four of them and they’re about the size of a quarter people are now hiding them in places like the underside of your wheel well or the grill of your car some place that isn’t noticeable and then you wouldn’t think to look they’ll then allow that tracker to follow you for a few days maybe a few hours and then come right to your home i spoke to a security expert who says that this type of tracking has been around for a while it’s just easier to do now this is not new technology this is not new capability it’s now being it’s now available to a wider swath of people right but these capabilities have always been there you need to be aware of your surroundings take common sense precautions and at the end of the day be confident that you know as a general matter people aren’t coming after you now if you are near an air tag apple does send you an alert but it is more difficult if you’re using an android just a few days ago apple did release a new android app called tracker detect to help people who don’t own apple products be able to identify if an air tag is near them and as a reminder tracking someone’s location without their permission is criminal and with the holidays here more crimes of opportunity are likely to appear back to you

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