Microsoft Viva empowers Humana to achieve productivity & wellbeing in a hybrid workplace

Microsoft Viva empowers Humana

Microsoft Viva empowers Humana to achieve productivity & wellbeing in a hybrid workplace access to care and an integrated holistic view of care for our customers members is what humana is all about our purpose is about the whole person and that includes our own associates last march within 10 days moved 26 000 associates home we all had to start a whole new work environment we were very interested in the analytics and the tools and the kinds of things that we could do from a cultural standpoint we said we need to actually double down on this and accelerate our work with microsoft eva because the insights that we were gathering as we were moving our associates home and working through the pandemic were invaluable to us microsoft viva insights gives us really rich information and allows us to combine that with other real-time data so that we’re responding very quickly collaboration manager effectiveness meeting behavior and manager one on one these are all important metrics important outcomes to monitor and track for improving associate engagement productivity and talent retention we were in bloated meetings we saw that our leaders were in the same meetings as their fellow associates for me personally i immediately realized that i needed to be better about empowering my team and i don’t necessarily have to be there that was very eye-opening i have used the personal insights feature to develop more focus time for myself to look at my schedule it gives great prompts and nudges the things that i hadn’t even thought of we gather aggregate data and all of our survey data remains completely anonymous this is more holistic we will never see that individual data as a leader and our associates will never be harmed by the data that is out there the microsoft eva insects really help our associates be more productive be more effective and have a better quality of life we are a well-being company we need to deliver a great associate experience so that they can deliver a great customer experience.

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